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Any adult may attend our weekly hiking or snowshoeing outings without becoming a member first.  Fifty-two weekly, local hiking and snowshoeing outings allow you to get to know us better and make sure our group is right for you.  We know you'll be impressed with the quality of outdoor enthusiasts that attend our events and new people who join us weekly.  Our weekly hiking and snowshoeing outings are a great way to get to know others better and see how we run our program.  Other events we offer will require you to become a member. With over 350 events and classes organized and promoted each year, we know you'll have plenty of opportunities to get your money's worth!

Once you become a member, you are invited to join us camping, kayaking, exploring, snowshoeing and hiking on mini weekend vacations around Utah, enjoy Dutch Oven Dinners, land paddling, trampoline jumping, slack lining, zipfy riding, and so much more!  Attend classes in emergency preparedness, snowshoeing, camping skills, kayaking, cross country skiing, Dutch Oven Cooking, etc. If you want to bring a child or teenager, contact me in advance and let me know.

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