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Honestly, this 6-3-4 Thirty Day Food Box should be called the "Miracle Box".

No joke. I am single and stay pretty busy between a career and my insane number of interests. I also want to lose weight, but my challenge is that "dieting" is expensive and time consuming AND it's not a lifestyle.

We all know that healthy nutrition means getting closer to nature, and further from manmade goods. But it's hard for those of us who are busy, fighting to make ends meet, or just can't stand to eat the same twigs and berries for the umpteenth time in a row. Sound familiar? I think that's a struggle many of us have, regardless of the size of our family.

Enter the 6-3-4 method.

The time savings is thanks to the miracle of a slow cooker AND the ingredients in the box! Every recipe included in Sheryl's box is DELICIOUS, and will use at least one item from the box--additional items can come from caselot sales or from Sheryl's Gardening group!

And, if you struggle with the same thing I do: "No matter how awesome something is, by the sixth day of eating it you never want to see it again" the neat part is, EVERYTHING can be frozen. I recently bought a 5 cu ft deep freezer, and dedicated three sundays for cooking. Cooking is a misnomer, because really I was waiting for the slow cooker to finish so I could start another recipe.

After 3 full days of cooking I filled my freezer to capacity. I have everything from breakfast to desserts and if I ate nothing but what was in the freezer I would not have to cook again for several months.

Think about it, you have "TV" style dinners that do not have the preservatives, fillers, sodium or cardboard taste that you can eat anywhere you have access to a microwave. Store them in small 8 oz individual containers and you have instant food proportioning, portability, and convenience.

I keyed all of the recipes into a food tracker, and even as a veteran dieter I was amazed how high in fiber, and low in fat/calories they all were. I made small substitutions like poultry for beef and fat free dairy items and made the recipes to the point where I was too full to eat the number of calories I needed. (That is a good thing! It encourages you to eat more frequently which is another thing we all should be doing).

And have I mentioned, not only do I not have to cook for a very long time, but since my food is already prepared, I don't have to grocery shop either. That is a HUGE cost savings, as before I started this program, much of my food was going bad before I could eat it all.

Bottom line: Stop dieting--Start a lifestyle. You will likely lose weight or at least feel healthier, you will save money and time, and you will enjoy the included recipes. It really is a miracle box.


I was at the fireside you did last night. I was so motivated by you and I want to be able to start right away. I plan to attend your Sept. classes, but I don't want to wait that long...I can't wait to learn more. You are an answer to my prayers. 3 days ago I prayed about my children's poor eating habits and my answer was to get back to the basics. I felt lost, but willing to figure it out. One of the first things you said last night was get back to the basics. Please let me know how I can start right away.Thank you!!


Thank you for all you do. I am grateful when I am able to cross paths with people that far exceed what is expected in life. You are truly one of those people.

I just wanted to let you know how much I have been enjoying my harvest. I just ate some cucumbers and tomatoes with balsamic vinegar and cheese.  I am now going to eat some green beans.  Thank you for all you do to make this happen.

Your recipes have been amazing. I especially love the oatmeal and oranges sitting overnight and chilling. I never would have thought of it, but it's already become a favorite breakfast of mine.

I made your Freshly Ground Whole Wheat Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies They were the best!! I found that I liked them better if I chilled the dough before baking the cookies. It made a nice thick cookie. They are super delicious!!

 Hey.....yes...YOU!...come out, get some sun, breathe the air, and enjoy! Gardening is great for the mind and soul AND you get lots of good fruits and veggies to eat that are good for you. The amount of money I will save on produce is going to be awesome!

I am always looking for healthy and fun ways to feed my young children.  I tried Sheryl's idea of cooking 7 grain cereal and then making a breakfast bar of toppings and they LOVED it!  I never thought it would be so easy to get my kids to eat whole grains, nuts and dried fruit.  THANK YOU, Sheryl

I just wanted to let you know I bought a pressure cooker and I love how quickly it cooks. I made your bean recipe and everyone loved it!

I am in your feed a family class. This week I made your granola bar recipe with my children and they loved it. I am impressed with how easy it was. Also, this week we purchased 250 lbs of whole wheat and 50 lbs of oats to add to our food storage. I am excited about learning from your class!

I've lost 72 pounds in the last 2 years and have gained a huge interest in all things nutrition, fitness, clean eating, and self-sustaining lifestyles.

I love the concept of eating healthy and quick meal preparation.

Wonderful! wonderful! wonderful! These are really terrific ideas, tips, recipes...I can't imagine how you have time for anything else. Thank you so much!

We used to live in Salt Lake but my husband was transferred to Dallas, TX for his job.  I took your Feed a Family class and also still get your newsletter.  Thanks for your help, Sheryl.  Wish we were still out in Salt Lake.  I would have loved to get in on the gardening.  Texas has been well over 100 degrees for most of the summer so my garden burned up.  Thanks for helping us get healthy. 

I do want to say that the 6-3-4 Food Box is just fabulous! My friend and I had an Ugly Christmas Sweater Decorating Party yesterday and we made the Crockpot Nachos. They were a hit!!!  Every single person asked for the recipe.
Thanks you so much! You seem like an amazing individual. I really admire everything you do.

I have started using your food packet. I think it is great! It is the perfect motivator for people who took your class but have a hard time breaking habits, like me.

After I took your class I really meant to buy dried beans, wheat etc. But it really is hard to change habits, I think this is a great way to give people the stuff they need to get them really excited and started in the right direction. The quick start book was a great recap of the stuff you teach and I'm excited to start making the recipes. Thanks for providing this service!



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