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Zipfy, mini luge

If you love snow and winter sports, you'll LOVE the Zipfy Mini Luge!


Watch my Zipfy Ride down a mountain...




It's the easiest, safest, most exhilarating way to go sledding... ever!  It makes a great Christmas gift! 


Zipfys are for adults and kids alike.  Take your new Zipfy Mini Luge to the park and you'll be amazed how easily you can carve down a hill.  It's the ultimate winter fun for all ages!

Unlike most other snow sleds and toboggans, the Zipfy Mini Luge has a handle, which allows you to steer by leaning into your turn.

Don't settle for just any snow sledding experience.  For a real ride, get a Zipfy Mini Luge!

Pronounced: (zip' fee)






Zipfys are safer than any other type of sledding device...

Having your feet in front of you allows you to slow down or brake whenever you like.  By digging one foot slightly into the snow helps you to turn as well.




Where to buy a Zipfy...

I have plenty in stock right now.  Click here OR on any photo to purchase yours today!


Where to ride...

Any type of sledding hill will work.





Who can ride a Zipfy?

Adults or children, Zipfy's work for all ages, abilities and sizes.



How to steer...

By leaning into your turn you are able to carve out turns. 



Watch Zipfy Riding in the Alps!

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