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More about my Hooping Classes:

I am really big on VARIETY when it comes to anything I do. With my Hooping Classes, I teach plenty of tricks and moves that you can do with a hoop.  My classes have a wide variety of ability so plan to do what feels right for you.  I try to offer something for everyone and then let everyone do their own thing.

No matter how you hoop, it's great exercise so I don't worry about getting a great workout.  It comes naturally. 

I am also really big into "Hoop Combos" i.e. Hoop n Lift, Hoop n Hike, Hoop n Throw, Hoop n Catch, Hoop n Dance, etc.

These combos are more advanced and include Hooping while you are lifting weights, Hooping while you are walking up a steep hill, Hooping while you are throwing a ball, Hooping while you are catching a ball, Hooping while you are doing dances like the Cha Cha, etc.

What is Hooping?

"Hula Hooping” has made a big comeback again!  It's extremely entertaining and fun and gives you a great workout without realizing it!

Who is invited?

All ages and abilities, beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Even if you have NEVER hooped before, it’s extremely easy to learn if you use our customized hoops.

Benefits of Hooping

Hooping will shrink and tone your waist, hips, buttocks, legs and arms. It's especially fun to do with other "hoopers" because it's so entertaining to watch others.  There are so many great benefits to hooping that you will never be bored!


For all Hooping Classes and locations, click here to view the calendar.

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