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I wanted you to know that I feel so peaceful when I am driving home from a Saturday morning hike - and it lasts all day and probably through the rest of the week. Thanks for the group and your dedication!!

I appreciated going with your group.  It was fun getting to know the ones that attended. Hope to join your group in the future 

Just a compliment. You're incredibly well organized, provide great pictures and clear instructions with links to resources. Thank You. I've not yet had the privilege of hiking with the group, but might be able to Saturday morning.


Getting to hike to places that I had heard of and some that I hadn't heard about before was great.  

Food was 1st class.  Group camaraderie was terrific .


Thank you for a wonderful trip!  When i travel i love remote places, and that is what you gave me. With you as our guide we could understand more about the Native Americans that inhabited the Grand Staircase. Your well planned hikes stabilized me and gave me peace. Thanks for the opportunity to renew my gratitude for the earth. 


"You da best"!  Thank you for all the extra special touches.  You really go the extra mile for your "girls".


Thanks again for a fun filled adventurous week!  Love the island!


I am so grateful for all your hard work!  Kauai has been amazing.  And it's been wonderful getting to know you.  Thank you Sheryl!


You are always so happy and full of kindness and positive energy.  


Sheryl is a unique bundle of fun as an adventure leader.


Thank you so much for making my first trip to Kauai such a wonderful and memorable experience.  You are the BEST!


This has been a wonderful people trip with lots of beautiful, scenic, exercise adventures.  So grateful for your beautiful energy in putting these together.  Want to join once in a while hiking or snowshoeing!  I'm praying for your continued success in all the ways the Lord guides you!


Thanks for the great trip to Bryce and beyond.  Had soooooo much fun with all who went!  Hugs.


We learned so much by attending the recent Hydroponic workshop in the home of Sheryl McGlochlin!  For two hours our hostess showed us how to set up the apparatus and demonstrated how to use the equipment.  It is not as technically difficult as we had feared, and Sheryl's encouragement went a long way toward giving us the confidence to enter this endeavor.  She promises to be available in the future to answer questions, and we are invited to return to her home to see (again) firsthand the setup she has both in the house and in the oversize backyard greenhouse.  

Both of us agree that Sheryl's workshop is the ideal way to get started in the exciting field of Hydroponics.  Her knowledge of the subject is impressive, and she has put together much material that enables this workshop to be a "hands-on" lesson that we learned so much from.  We highly recommend the class to anyone with even the slightest interest in Hydroponic gardening!


You couldn't get a better led group.  I've had 100% positive experiences on these adventures.  Sheryl's group is the BEST.


 Thank you for the Hydroponic Class. It was awesome, very informative and you did a great job teaching it.

Thank you again


I want to thank you so much for an extraordinary trip.  It was so much fun - the people were awesome and the food was too.  I loved all our hikes and am so impressed with what you know about hiking and the trails.


Very fun and welcoming!


Hello, Sheryl!  
I am a former hiker in your awesome group. I can no longer hike with you guys but I credit the group with encouraging me to get in shape. I've since lost 70 lbs and counting! Thank you for the motivation!


I learned about you through the Meetup.com website. I just wanted to let you know while I won't go into detail, hiking was my "way out" and up and moving forward, as well as off and on my whole life since I was 16 ( I am not just 30) but the last 18 months of my life have been the best ever with hiking as the forefront of it all!! I wanted to let you know I love your website and am sooo happy to feel like it's not just me that uses this amazing outlet to live life so fully! Thank you for taking on such an amazing journey to lead hikes and organize stuff!!! I am excited to be able to start joining some hikes :o)