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clean it up
8/19/2017 | Sheryl McGlochlin

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For the last 13 months I have had an incredible privilege of working with Dave, my amazing and great husband of 38 years, AND several very low income adults, most of whom have recently been homeless or are a step away from being homeless again. I don’t work in a food pantry which is the most common way people feel they can help the homeless. I am a service missionary (part time) for the LDS church in the Addiction Recovery Program

People of all walks of life, faiths & beliefs are invited to attend a one-hour addiction recovery meeting we host downtown every Tuesday 6 PM. Most meetings have 12 people or less. I feel safe and look forward to this meeting each week. It is held in a clean space in a commercial strip mall maintained by the LDS church. I learn a lot about compassion, empathy and love from those who attend. I have more in common with homeless people than I thought. 

My struggles and challenges may be different but we all struggle with something. It’s a universal experience. I’m trying to spend my life developing more Christ-like virtues. This is much harder than any hike I’ve ever done or will do. To develop Christ-like virtues like becoming more loving, empathetic, kind, caring, patient, grateful, thoughtful, forgiving and less judgmental, critical, angry, demanding, and selfish is my constant life-long challenge and quest. 

This includes ALL people - people who are members of my church or not, people with political views I don’t agree with, family members, hikers, people who join me on my Outdoor Adventure Trips, people I drive next to, stand in line in back of, etc.  I have come to believe it is healthy to associate with people who don’t think, live or act just like you do because of the new perspectives you gain from them. 

One day, many years ago, I was struggling with my marriage.  I was crying to a trusted friend that “we have nothing in common and why did I ever marry Dave?”  I never forgot his question back to me: “Do you really want to live with someone like yourself?”  The image of being married to someone just like me sounded miserable!  “NO!” I said.  My friend gave me new perspective very quickly. 

So if you want a great experience, consider joining me at a weekly meeting OR go to any of the 200+ meetings like mine, held every week in the Salt Lake valley!!  In addition to Tuesday night, join me in a 1-hour worship service, Sunday, 1 PM at the same place. Contact me for the exact address. 

I play the piano for the service and start playing 30 minutes before the meeting starts. Come as my guest. There’s no pressure. I think you’ll leave happier and more grateful than when you arrived. Serving others always makes you feel better about yourself, because you focus on others and not yourself. All meetings focus on healing and improving and not wallowing in the addiction itself.  It’s a very inspiring, edifying experience!