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Snowshoeing Class
12/18/2018 | Sheryl McGlochlin

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2019 Upcoming Events & Trips.  



Jan. 12, 2019:  Seminar: Living the Dream, Adventure Travel 101

Jan. 17 - 21, 2019:  Southern Utah Adventure Trip, 4 spots left, (limit of 14 people)

April 20 - May 1, 2019:  Italy Adventure Trip, (limit of 14 people)

July 7 - 16, 2019:  Switzerland Adventure Trip, (limit of 14 people)

June 3 - 11, 2019: Iceland Adventure Trip (limit 12)

Snowshoeing Outing & Class

FREE, 1-hour

Rent from me, If you need a pair of snowshoes

Who is invited:  

  • Those who have never snowshoed

  • Those who want to learn and practice valuable snowshoeing skills

An excellent prerequisite course for our weekly snowshoeing outings held every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

About my Snowshoe Rentals

16 pair of quality MSR Snowshoes are available for $10/pair/outing.

RSVP me in advance via text to reserve snowshoes, 801-278-5313, state your name, how many pair needed, date of outing.

Receive a hassle-free, quick and easy snowshoe experience

Pay in advance on VENMO or Paypal if possible.

If you can’t pay in advance, pay in person the day of.

If you pay in advance then need to cancel, you’ll receive full credit toward another rental.

No refunds.

VENMO: sheryl mcglochlin



  • What type of snowshoes to buy that best suits your needs

  • Where to rent or purchase snowshoes

  • WHY MSR Snowshoes are my favorite

  • A few of my favorite local places to snowshoe

  • What to wear - see below

  • How to customize one of our outings to fit your needs

  • 5 items of WHAT to bring

  • Emergency Preparedness Skills: the importance of developing

  • Symptoms of High Altitude Sickness

  • Knowing WHAT is under the snow

  • Snowshoes vrs microspikes: WHY you need both, WHEN to use each one

  • 5 of my favorite places to buy outdoor equipment, clothing and gear

  • The Duffle Bag: How to prepare for all kinds of winter weather conditions

  • 5 Benefits of drinking water on a snowshoe outing

  • The Domino Effect

Snowshoeing in the mountains can sometimes feel like a mild obstacle course.  We focus on the following skills to help you get used to moving around in snowshoes in a variety of ways.  The more comfortable you feel in snowshoes the more confident you’ll be in any type of snowshoe outing.

20 Snowshoe Skills

How to:

  • Put on Snowshoes

  • Take off Snowshoes

  • Walk forwards

  • Walk backwards

  • Run or jog

  • Side step

  • Turn around

  • Walk uphill

  • Walk downhill

  • Balancing moves

  • Sit down

  • Kneel down

  • Falling down

  • Getting up after falling down

  • Walk in a very single track

  • Yoga positions

  • Ballet positions

  • Dance steps (cha, cha, swing, grapevine, etc.)

  • Hoop & Snowshoe (Hula Hooping while Snowshoeing)

  • How low can you go (squatting while walking)


Rent snowshoes until you decide if you really like the sport.

I'll help you determine this before you spend a chunk of change on snowshoes.

Snowshoeing experience:

I have a passion for being active outdoors, especially during the winter months when cabin fever can make you crazy.

I find great satisfaction in helping others experience this same wonderful feeling.

For 16 years I’ve been instructing, leading, organizing, promoting and guiding snowshoeing and hiking outings and events in Utah (since 2003).

New events and adventure trips are always being posted on my website at:


A few years ago I was working for a local TV station as their outdoor adventure enthusiast person and one segment they wanted me to do  “How to dress for winter sports on a shoestring budget”.  

This is what I presented.  I did the research and it worked!!!

  1. Get acquainted with the brands, fabrics, styles, etc. in quality Outdoor Recreation Retail Stores in Utah.  (REI, Kirkhams, Scheels, Backcountry, etc.)

  2. Examine what they sell and the prices they are selling for BUT DON’T BUY ANYTHING yet.

  3. Since we live in Utah and many people shop at these stores and at some point they’ll donate a lot of these items - still in great condition.

  4. Go to thrift stores like Deseret Industries, Savers, The Gear Room (a consignment shop), etc.  Look thru the racks of clothing especially focusing on brands and the fabric label.

  5. For base layers look for 100% (or close to that) Merino Wool.  

  6. This will be like a fun treasure hunt.  If you know what to look for because you are familiar with the really good stuff, it will be easy to spot these items in a thrift store.

  7. Sugarhouse DI (Deseret Industries) 700 East 2100 South is a great place to start.  There are several DI’s in the valley. Also Heber, Utah is close to Park City and has a LOT of wealthy outdoor enthusiasts so if you get a chance, go to their local Thrift Store.  Also:

What I wear -

This is only an example of how one person dresses for snowshoeing.  Many other options are available.

Mostly: THINK like an onion.  Think LAYERS! Since this is an aerobic sport you will get warm.  Make sure you have a backpack big enough to carry layers you need to peel off or put more layers on.

Base layer bottom -  - NOTE the fabric: Merino Wool

Base layer top -

Outer layer - pants:

Outer layer jacket -

Hat - wool blend (fleece lining)

Gloves - Swany Toaster Mittens -

Spikes - Kahtoola Micro Spikes,

Socks - Smart Wool Socks,

Shoes - Keen Hiking Shoes -|404_176792|1037280006|none|2ae70c08-bf94-43f2-ab12-f175d3a478a8|aud-553371945779:pla-337535316156&lsft=cm_mmc:PLA_Google_LIA|404_176792|1037280006|none|2ae70c08-bf94-43f2-ab12-f175d3a478a8&kclid=2ae70c08-bf94-43f2-ab12-f175d3a478a8&gclid=CjwKCAiA0uLgBRABEiwAecFnkz4VnuJ-MSgR2nKa8-6eZdDGJDXIvagffd-oHchsdc_T8zUscZyGZxoCRvoQAvD_BwE

Snowshoes - MSR -|404_197356|8751590005|none|2ae70c08-bf94-43f2-ab12-f175d3a478a8|aud-553371945779:pla-386222269906&lsft=cm_mmc:PLA_Google_LIA|404_197356|8751590005|none|2ae70c08-bf94-43f2-ab12-f175d3a478a8&kclid=2ae70c08-bf94-43f2-ab12-f175d3a478a8&gclid=CjwKCAiA0uLgBRABEiwAecFnk83i2R8gXJU2j1G57YjX6LZmx0s7tAWZ_gVHv3xNVkQ-U9wR5ZM1BRoCyicQAvD_BwE

Balaclava - (face protection)|404_1050537933|7257090030|none|2ae70c08-bf94-43f2-ab12-f175d3a478a8|aud-553371945779:pla-441153163585&lsft=cm_mmc:PLA_Google_LIA|404_1050537933|7257090030|none|2ae70c08-bf94-43f2-ab12-f175d3a478a8&kclid=2ae70c08-bf94-43f2-ab12-f175d3a478a8&gclid=CjwKCAiA0uLgBRABEiwAecFnk7NjNc3EjbJ-O41QJQAiy7r_cnOOjQKGsoMwoOiy-eO-UnHkUf8S5hoCoGgQAvD_BwE

Backpack - REI Brand, large enough to carry snowshoes - (Not only does this work to carry snowshoes as needed, but it has served me well everytime I travel all over in Europe which has been many times during the past few years.

Sled - Zipfy,

Trekking Poles - The Gear Room in Cottonwood Heights - used - any ski pole $25 or