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Come and learn some new tips and ideas on how to save money on meals while preparing easy healthy meals in just minutes!

This is part of a series of classes entitled "6-3-4 Feed a Family" Cooking Class & Dinner offered throughout the year. 

Each class offers new meal demonstrations and plenty of food to eat, so plan to come often to receive the most benefits.

Come and eat all of my samples throughout the evening.

5:30 AM to 8:30 PM

Cost to attend
  • $15.00per person
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Tonight I'll be demonstrating and serving:

• Potato Corn Chowder
• Chicken Noodle Soup
• 3 Berry Banana Smoothie
• Chicken Enchilada Dish
• Teriyaki Veggie Stir Fry

Regardless of your family size, you'll receive plenty of fun ideas designed to motivate you to eat at home more often.

I'll share some travel cooking tips as well!

Equipment or Gear

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Let us know if you'll be coming. It isn't necessary, but it helps us to plan.