Welcome to our summer hiking season!

In just minutes from the Salt Lake valley our summer hikes will feel like a trip to paradise! Lush green foliage, spectacular waterfalls, cooler mountain temperatures, shady forests, higher altitudes or incredible views and vistas await you and there is room for every kind of hiker.

7:30 AM to 12:00 PM

6200 South UTA Park n Ride
6570 South Wasatch Blvd, Cottonwood Heights, Utah 84121

You'll find us on the south end of the large parking lot, known as "6200 South Wasatch Park n Ride" Questions? Call or text me at 801-278-5313

This is a free event!

This loop hike is a definitely favorite of mine AND the wildflowers are a huge bonus right now! Whether you choose a shorter option or not, you'll see plenty of beautiful wildflowers! NOTE: Do NOT pick any wildflowers. Not cool and it's illegal.

At our 6200 South meeting place at 7:30 AM, I'll answer questions and go over the 4 options for today's hike. Be thinking about which one you want. It really just means there are several places you can hike to before turning around. However, once you hike past Dog Lake, you should plan to do one of the LOOP HIKES and will be more committed.

Plenty of hikers so no one needs to hike alone! More hikers than you may think. Please know that I always build an easier, shorter option in for those who want that and today is no exception.

Todays hike if you go the full length will be around 8 - 9 miles long.

On the way up Big Cottonwood Canyon we'll drop a few shuttle cars at Butler Fork for some of our hikers for the loop options. We'll then continue driving 1 mile further to the Cabin entrance of Mill D North which is where we all will start hiking.

EVERYONE will start at the same place - near the SPRUCES Campground, walk across the canyon road and hike up thru a few cabins.


1st, EASIEST: Stop at or before the SIGN POST at the Intersection of Mill B North/Desolation Lake/Dog Lake. Turn around and head back. 3 - 4 miles RT. out and back

2nd option: Continue hiking to Dog Lake (approx. 1/2 mile further which includes more elevation gain). Turn around here and head back. Approx. 4 - 5 miles RT. Out and Back

3rd option: Continue hiking on a trail located on the southwest side of Dog Lake which heads WEST toward Mill A Basin. Approx. 1/4 mile you'll arrive at another intersection and plan to head down into the basin which will drop you down into Butler Fork Trailhead, where we dropped some cars. You'll either need to walk back on the road to our cars near the spruces OR make sure we drop a car for those who want this option. 5 - 6 mile - shorter one-way loop hike

4th and longest/hardest option: Stay on the trail that skirts around Gobblers Knob for another 2 miles until you finally come to Circle All Peak turnoff (option: short detour to this little peak) THEN FINALLY start to descend a steeper shorter trail which heads back to the shuttle cars at Butler Fork. Those who choose this last harder option should be able to be moving at a good pace in order to be off the trail before 1 PM. If you have time restrictions or are struggling with any of the other options, do not choose this last option since you may be left behind if the group is hiking fast. You'll know if this hike is right for you before you get to this 4th option. 7 - 9 mile - longer one-way loop hike

All other options EXCEPT the 4th option should be off the trail by 11:30 AM. 

Equipment or Gear

What to Bring

Water - 2 liters or more






6200 South UTA Park n Ride

6570 South Wasatch Blvd, Cottonwood Heights, Utah 84121

You'll find us on the south end of the large parking lot, known as "6200 South Wasatch Park n Ride" Questions? Call or text me at 801-278-5313


7:30 AM
Start gathering

There is a 30 minute window when hikers will be arriving. Step out of your car and join us for a short pre-hike meeting as we greet everyone, introduce new hikers, go over final instructions, address any concerns, arrange carpools, and announce upcoming events. 

8:00 AM
Drive to trailhead

Hikers are encouraged to gather at our meeting place, not the trailhead in case there is a change of plans at the last minute.  If you need to meet us at the trailhead, text me by 8 AM so you'll be informed if there is a change.  

8:30 AM
Arrive at trailhead and begin hiking

The trailhead is generally within 10 - 30 minutes of our 6200 South meeting place, unless otherwise stated.  There is limited parking at the trailheads which is why we carpool as much as possible. Some trailheads have a bathroom, many do not. You are always welcome to hike a short distance if you prefer or stay for the full duration of the hike.  You decide but let me know at the meeting place if possible since others may want to join you.

12:00 PM
Off the trail

We are off the trail between 11:30 AM - 12 noon EXCEPT if you choose the hardest, longest route today.  You may not get off the trail until around 1 PM. There is always a variety of hiking abilities in our group which is what we like. Come often and get to know other hikers with similar abilities. 

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Let us know if you'll be coming. It isn't necessary, but it helps us to plan.