We'll walk from my home approx. 2 miles to downtown Holladay where you can order from a wide assortment of fast easy dishes, salads, soups and/or gelato! There is a casual dining area upstairs where we'll eat before walking approx. 2 miles back to my home again. This is a fun, simple, short, relaxing, light dining experience in our new Holladay Harmon's Market.  Approx. 4 miles RT and 90 minutes of delicious food, fun and good people!

Share our passion of living a healthier, happier, productive life through outdoor recreation. Being active outdoors greatly improves physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health. Developing new relationships and absorbing the quiet, peaceful beauty are just a few of the great side benefits you'll receive!

Our desire is to help you experience this in a way that feels right for you. All of our outings are healing, motivating, inspiring and energizing! 

6:00 PM to 7:30 PM

Sheryl's Home
2836 E Casto Lane 5060 South, Holladay, Utah 84117

Red brick home. Call/text 801-278-5313

This is a free event!

Stay in the loop by texting 801-845-3558 to receive text messages regarding our local hikes and adventure trips.
Include your "NAME" and the word "HIKE".


5:45 PM - Start gathering at my home
6 PM - Begin walking on a scenic route to Harmons Market in Holladay. (approx. 2 miles)
6:30 PM - Arrive at Harmons for a light dinner.
7 PM - Walk back to my home. (approx. 2 miles)
7:30 PM - Finish

This is part of a series of hikes offered weekly throughout the entire year.  When you arrive you'll be greeted by kind, caring, friendly people.

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Equipment or Gear

Water bottle
Money for a light dinner
Cell phone
Camera, optional
Flashlight, optional


Sheryl's Home

2836 E Casto Lane 5060 South, Holladay, Utah 84117

Red brick home. Call/text 801-278-5313


8:00 AM
Start gathering

There is a 30 minute window for hikers to arrive. Join us for a short pre-hike meeting as we greet everyone, introduce new hikers, go over final instructions, address any concerns, arrange carpools, and announce upcoming events. 

8:30 AM
Drive to trailhead

Hikers are encouraged to gather at our meeting place, not the trailhead in case there is a last minute change of plans. If you need to meet us at the trailhead, text me by 8 AM so you'll be informed if there has been a change.  

9:00 AM
Arrive at trailhead, start hiking

The trailhead is generally within 10 - 30 minutes from our 6200 South meeting place UNLESS otherwise stated.  Generally there is limited parking at the trailheads so carpool as much as possible. Some trailheads have a bathroom, many do not. If you would like to do a shorter hike, let me know before we leave the meeting place since others may want to join you. This happens very often so tell me and I'll help you find some compatible hiking buddies! 

12:00 PM
Off the trail

Off the trail between 11:30 AM - 12 noon, depending on the hike. If it is an Out and Back trail, we generally turn around to head back down the mountain by 10:30 AM. There is always a variety of hikers moving at different speeds which is exactly what we want. Come often and get to know fellow hikers with similar abilities. 

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Let us know if you'll be coming. It isn't necessary, but it helps us to plan.