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10 Things you should know about our Garden Properties
1/30/2014 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: 10 Things you should know about our Garden Properties

1.  Who owns our garden properties?

"Holladay A Garden" is my home and garden property.  All other gardens are owned by private home owners who are very generous in letting us work in their gardens. Properties come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Gardens are in 3 locations in the Salt Lake valley:  1) Holladay  2) South Jordan  3) West Jordan.  Home owners provide land and water. We provide everything else including labor. Home owner's names and contact info are not included because garden members don't work with the home owners.  I work directly with the home owner, not the garden members.  

2.  Where to park?

As a basic rule when visiting any garden property, please show your respect by parking on the side of the street and not in their driveway. Don't block any neighbors's driveway either. Make sure you are completely off of their grass as well.  If there are special circumstances, I will explain it when the need arises. 

3.  Respect for home owners property

Respecting the entire property of the homeowner is always our top priority.  We need a strong partnership and trust with our home owners. Help us show respect by working and staying ONLY in the garden area and leaving everything else alone on their property. Parents who bring children are expected to teach them BEFORE entering a garden property about these basic rules.  Most properties always have something "fun or tempting" to play with. It may be horses, trampolines, etc. We are there for one reason - to work in the garden.

4.  Communication 

Think of me like an "air traffic controller or quarterback for a football team. We have a unique system of informing garden members of where to go and what to do. Garden members hear from me via the calendar, text message, etc. what is happening in the gardens and where to go.  I am also the only one who communicates directly with the home owners.  It's a good system that has worked well for us for several years.  If there is ever a problem or concern that you have contact me.  If the home owner has a concern, they contact me and I let you know. I personally oversee all of our gardens. Unless there is an emergency that a home owner needs to be aware of immediately, which is very rare, all communication needs to go through me.  I may assign a garden member to be a supervisor over a particular garden. Supervisors will also communicate with the home owner and with me.  Our desire is to not bother the home owner. Generally speaking, they are not involved with the work in our gardens. We give them harvest and talk with them when they come out to visit but don't ring their door bell and ask to use their bathroom, phone, etc.

5.  When can I visit and work in these gardens?

One garden property at a time will be opened during the late winter and early spring each year.  Once a property is opened it will stay that way until the end of the garden season (October or November). Find out what is happening in each garden through 1) weekly text messages  2) weekly emails  3) garden calendars. 

NOTE:  You are not allowed to visit any garden property without my permission in advance. There are set times that we work in each garden.  I'll inform you if there is additional work that needs to be done in a particular garden during the week. You would tell me when you could work, on your own, and we would go from there.  

6.  Do we work in all the gardens every week? 

No. Depending on what needs to be accomplished in a garden and how quickly the work gets done will depend on how often we work in each garden.  We can get a lot done in a 2-hour work session.  Not all gardens need attention every week. Make sure you stay in the loop and hear what is happening from week to week.  We communicate with garden members every week of the year.  Just know the info on the calendar may be updated within 24 hours of a work date, so check the calendar or text me before coming.

7. Are dogs and/or children invited on these properties? 

You are not allowed to bring any dogs or pets of any kind to any of our garden properties.  Home owners may have their own little dogs (which is rare) but you won't see them when we are there.  Some properties are better for children than others.  Please let me know in advance, if you are new, if you plan to bring children.  We are eager to have children learn more about gardening, but they need to follow basic rules like everyone else.

8. What about bathroom facilities?

Before you arrive, scout out the neighborhood for the nearest public bathroom OR I'll tell you.  Each time a new garden is opened I will inform you where the nearest bathroom facilities are.  Give yourself enough time to get there,  especially children who generally wait till the last minute to speak up. Remind them, in advance, they will not be using the home owners bathroom or property.  Also, bring your own water bottle, snack and cell phone since we don't disturb home owners by asking them for a glass of water or the use of their phone.  When you visit a garden property, you will be working with the group unless you have permission from me, in advance, to work at another time during the week on your own.

9. Should I get acquainted with the neighborhood?

YES!! It's always a fun thing to get familiar with the neighborhood that you are working in.  One of our properties last year had baby goats next door.  Without ever bothering these goats, we could always watch them in action which was very entertaining while we worked. Notice the views of the mountains, sunsets, parks and recreation facilities, chickens, cows, horses or other farm animals, gas stations, ice cream shops, schools, etc. It really is fun to get better acquainted with neighborhoods that are new to you!

10. What about inviting a friend to attend?

If possible, RSVP me in advance and let me know you are bringing a friend. Make sure they are also familiar with these rules.  Even if they come at the last minute please explain to them, in advance, that they are also obligated to abide by the same rules as all garden members.

Our top priority is to 1) keep everyone safe at all times 2) respect the home owner and their property.