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Pros & Cons for owning a garden group like mine
10/7/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Pros & Cons for owning a garden group like mine

My biggest challenge....

I think about some aspect of food a LOT!  I now know why farmers like to take a break during the winter months, because it's always on your mind!  Whether it's growing food, preserving food, or trying to motivate garden members to come and work or pick up harvest, it seems there is always something challenging about this process of eating and growing local food.

Since we can't control the weather, it's a challenge to make sure our plants and harvest don't...

  • freeze
  • go to waste
  • wilt from the heat
  • die because of a lack of nutrients
  • die because of a lack of too much water or not enough water
  • etc.  


The BEST thing about owning a garden group like mine....

The daily miracles I witness!! 

By FAR, this is the #1 thing that keeps me going all year long!

  • How amazing it is to see the impact of just ONE working garden member who works for 2 hours!
  • How willing garden members, who bring their families, are to help with picking the harvest or doing whatever they are asked to do.
  • How generous many of our homeowners are by providing the needed water and land
  • How gratifying it is to see neighbors of our homeowners who are willing to water our crops all summer long.
  • How capable we are of feeding so many families, many of whom are currently unemployed or struggling to feed their families but are willing to work hard to earn food.
  • How inspiring it is to watch a member, who is recovering from a brain injury, come and work in order to provide food for his family.
  • How delicious a fresh cucumber, yellow squash, tomato, pepper, peach or apple tastes, right after it's been picked!

These are just a few of the reasons why I do what I do, despite all of the demanding challenges of farming.

It IS very hard, demanding work (much like a new-born baby) and yes, this is self-inflicted!

I choose to do this work.

As if being a farmer isn't enough work, I can't live without my Outdoor Adventure Business, teaching hooping and healthy eating classes, and my family is always expanding with more grand children, but it's all worth it.  

I have been blessed with an abundance of energy and strength to meet the challenges that come my way.