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2013 Garden Addresses
4/3/2013 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: 2013 Garden Addresses

I am excited to have you visit, tour and/or work in any and all of our beautiful gardens, however, this is by invitation ONLY.  There are rules that will be enforced.

All of our garden properties belong to private home owners around the Salt Lake valley, who have been very kind and generous in lending us their land. I am very protective of their property and careful not to ever lose this privilege.

Basic rules:

(whether attending as a member or not)

  • No one is permitted to enter any of our gardens without an invite from me.
  • Properties are generally not visible from the street.  
  • Specific group garden work outings are posted online which include dates, times and may include the type of work we'll be doing.  You may come and work with us OR just come and check it out for a few minutes and ask questions.  RSVP if possible.  
  • No charge for first timers.  You'll receive more info on how to become a member when you attend. 

Watch our CALENDAR and RSVP soon!

Garden Addresses: 

  • Holladay A - 2836 East Casto Lane (5060 South)  Headquarters w/ Greenhouse
  • Holladay B - 2915 East Casto Lane (5060 South)
NOTE: Holladay A & B Gardens are approx. 5 houses apart

  • Holladay C - 2650 East Milo Way (4910 So.)
  • Holladay D - 2225 East Fardown (approx. 6000 So.  2300 E.)

  • South Jordan A - 11371 South 2865 West
  • South Jordan B - 11131 South 2865 West
NOTE: South Jordan A & B are approx. 10 houses apart

  • South Jordan C - 9978 South Redwood Road
  • South Jordan D - 9640 South 1895 West 
NOTE: South Jordan C & D are 2 blocks from each other

  • South Jordan E - 528 Miller Hollow Cove (approx. 11400 So. 600 W.)
  • West Jordan A Garden - 7180 So. 2881 W.

East Millcreek Gardens - 3300 South 1300 East area

  • East Millcreek A Garden:  1479 E. Woodland
  • East Millcreek A Garden:  1505 E. Woodland
  • East Millcreek A Garden:  1515 E. Woodland
  • East Millcreek A Garden:  1595 E. Woodland

NOTE: All 4 gardens are on the same street fairly close to each other