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3 Garden jobs to be done before Wed. night, June 22
6/21/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: 3 Garden jobs to be done before Wed. night, June 22


1)  Cindy will be planting in Riverton Wednesday afternoon.  If you can help her, let me know.


South Jordan A:

2)  This garden needs to be harvested, then brought to the party in Holladay so we can distribute it all.  It contains spinach, peas, collards and mustard greens.  One other urgent job: our furrows between the peas have disappeared and have to be put back before Avin irrigates on Thursday morning!  It won't take long.  There are about 5 rows that need to be done.


West Jordan A:

3)  About 30 tomato plants need to by planted at the West Jordan A Garden soon.  Everything you need is there at the garden including the plants.  We planted a bunch tonight but ran out of time.  If you can help with this job before the 6:30 pm party, that would be best, so you can bring the tools back to me.