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Thursday, Aug. 2: Harvest Distribution in Holladay
8/1/2012 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Thursday, Aug. 2: Harvest Distribution in Holladay

We still need your help in the gardens - lots of harvesting and weeding to do nearly every day.
In the meantime, if you have helped us this year in any of the gardens and haven't picked up food yet, please come and get some!

Email, text or call me before coming to pick some up, anytime Thursday, Aug. 2nd, Holladay A Garden,, preferably in the morning, before 9 am when it's still cooler outside but anytime if fine if that doesn't work. 

There is a nice assortment of produce right now so please let me know if you want some.

Don't go until you hear a confirmation from me, just to make sure there's still plenty left. 

Look for the clip board next to the produce.  Sign in.  Bring your own bags. 

Don't ring the door bell or anything, just sign in, take some food, and leave.

Right now there is no garden work at the Holladay A Garden.

We do need help in Holladay B Garden, however. 

You can come later and help in that garden or any of our WEST side gardens, which are also very demanding right now... especially West Jordan and South Jordan A, B & C Gardens. 

A lot of the produce you are eating at my home right now is coming out of our 3 South Jordan Gardens.

Thank you so much for helping us in any of our 14 gardens this year!

It is GREATLY appreciated!

I hope you enjoy this harvest!

Continue to watch this blog and the Garden Calendar to see where we need help the most.

There will be several fruit trees i.e. pear, etc. that need to be picked soon.