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ABOUT OUR SIX GARDEN PROPERTIES and basic rules to abide by
3/8/2010 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: ABOUT OUR SIX GARDEN PROPERTIES and basic rules to abide by

BASIC RULES:  It's one thing to have people come to my home and backyard but now we'll be expanding to several private elegant yards in the area to garden in.  I've had a chance to watch most of you work during the past few weeks and I'm VERY grateful and impressed with the high caliber of people we have in our garden group.  You have been respectful to me and my property and I know you will be to my friend's and neighbor's property.

These are my neighbors and good friends who I've know for a long time, who have invited us to work on their valuable properties.

Some basic rules to follow so we don't lose their confidence and trust.

1) DON'T ask to go inside their home for ANY reason, i.e. go to the bathroom, etc.  Come to my home instead OR go to a local gas station, if necessary.
2) Keep your language clean
3) Bring your garden punchcard for ID.  If you don't have one, make sure you get one from me the next time you see me since you will need it.
4) Stay on task and work only as long as we are scheduled to work.
5) Start cleaning up at least 15 minutes before you leave. Make sure you always leave their property neat and clean - after every work session.
6) Stay in the garden area and don't wander around their property without permission.
7) Some of my friends/owners will want to come out and work with us. Make them feel welcome in our group. These are ALL good people with big hearts. Don't ask personal questions that don't pertain to gardening. You can always ask me ANYTHING - just don't bother them.

Basically, just keep doing what you are already doing and you'll be fine!  

More about our 6 garden properties and what we call them:

1)  SALSA GARDEN - my backyard garden - growing over 80 tomatos along with a variety of peppers.  We'll also have plenty of other plants in this garden but it will be known as the SALSA GARDEN. My home is 2836 E Casto Lane (5060 So.) East of Holladay Blvd. on the south side., Holladay 84117.

2)  CORN PATCH GARDEN - 2nd property on Casto Lane, about 6 houses EAST of my home. This property is about twice the size of my garden property, with nearly full sun. Mostly corn will be planted here but plenty of other veggies will be planted as well.

3)  HEART OF HOLLADAY GARDEN -  Large field w/ full sun, surrounded by apartments, in the heart of Holladay.  Approx. 20 x 30 ft. , we're part of another group known as the Holladay Community Garden Group.  As a perk, we enjoy the Community Herb Garden with them. Located on the SOUTH side of Murray-Holladay Road, at 2217 E 4800 S, (Murray-Holladay Road) 84117, across from Olympus Jr. High School and 2 doors EAST of Holladay Library. Members of our group live in the apartments and work at the Library so they'll keep an eye on this garden for us.  We'll grow a variety of plants here which we'll discuss soon.

4)  HORSE PASTURE GARDEN - Located one street EAST of my home and about 10 houses south, at the dead end. This is a long narrow pasture that we'll be working in soon.  The owner will keep her ponies in another pasture (in the back of her home) so we can have this land for our garden.  We'll grow a variety of plants here which we'll discuss soon.

5)  GARDEN ON THE HILL - This smaller property is up on a hill, has good sun and belongs to my friends, Jim and Kathy Deans.  Their property is up the hill, EAST of horse pasture. We'll have a small assortment of plants in this garden.

6)  WATERFALL GARDEN - A beautiful elegant property in my neighborhood with a really cool waterfall fixture!  We'll be planting an assortment of above ground, "square box" gardens in this space.