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Become more self-reliant by learning to grow food from seed
2/16/2012 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Become more self-reliant by learning to grow food from seed

Why grow your own plants from seed?

  • Growing plants from seed is SO much cheaper than purchasing plants from a nursery.
  • Growing healthy, strong plants from seed is SO rewarding!   It's a very valuable skill to learn how to do and it takes practice to get it right!  But even growing ONE plant from seed and going through the whole process of transferring it into the garden, watching it grow then harvesting the fruit feels so amazing!  Try it, then if all else fails you can always wait until April or May to buy your plants from a nursery.

Growing plants from seed takes some skill and time.  I like to think of these little seedlings as little babies.  They both need constant attention but they are SO worth it when you see them start to grow and flourish!

  • During prosperous times, it's wise to learn how to this since it may be too late if you try to start when you are in the middle of a crisis. 
  • During prosperous times, when nurseries are nearby, you can afford to make a mistake and then, if necessary, purchase some plants.

If your family depends on you growing food, they may starve if you don't plan ahead, practice and perfect this skill. 

You will make mistakes in the beginning but each spring when it's time to plant, if you are consistent and keep working at it, you will become a pro at growing your own food from seed!