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Come and get some produce from Holladay!
10/17/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Come and get some produce from Holladay!


 This is a harvest from a month ago.  The food you will be getting may be different than what is in here.

Delicious Produce is waiting for you!

I have some yummy produce & food for those who will come and pick it up in Holladay!

Must be a member of our Garden Group. 

RSVP, via email or text, before coming so I have a heads up on who is coming.  Don't wait for a response from me.  Just come.

Food is in my trailer near the driveway.

It's easier access than my backyard and greenhouse.

It stays shady and cool there all day.

Sign the clipboard when you come, so I know who has been here.

Clipboard is in the trailer.

To know how much food to take, the "sample basket" is there as a visual.  It doesn't have food in it and don't take it with you. 

Bring your own bags.

This food is for all garden members - whether you are new or not.

You may come and get a basket of food once a week, unless there's a lot extra and then I'll let you know.



About the Bagels:

In addition to the produce, be sure and take up to 36 bagels if you like!

Touch only what you are taking.

Don't let children touch the food until it's in your bag.

Bagels are from Rich's Bagels in Holladay and Sandy stores.


Food Currently available (while supplies last):

Please take an assortment of produce - not just a bunch of one thing, unless you check w/ me first.

Small pumpkins (take only 2 - 3 small ones until everyone who wants one gets one)

Corn on the Cob


Medium Pumpkin (take EITHER 1 medium or a 2- 3 small ones)


Tomatoes - Red or Green


Yellow Squash



Artisan Bread