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COMPOSTING - Great info on How To compost in your backyard
5/8/2008 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: COMPOSTING - Great info on How To compost in your backyard

I was debating about whether to get my compost at the landfill or not. Then I heard about another source.  It's more expensive than the landfill but it's REALLY good compost! The company is "Replenish", 4660 So. 200 W, Murray Utah, 801-262-5142.  They sell a little more in bulk, which is what I need this year. We picked up a big 2 sq yards of RICH compost - which filled our truck.  It took Gail and I over an hour to empty the truck full of the good stuff! We use it with all of our plants in each of our gardens.

I asked the USU Extension for their opinion about Compost.  Here's their response:

The very best compost is what you make at home yourself.  This is a very good USU publication on composting that you can refer people to.  Click on <a href="">Great Publication On Composting</a>.

The compost at Trans Jordan Landfill is phasing out the use of sewage sludge in their compost process, that actually was a very good solution for both composting and for the sewage sludge – so that may be the “stink”” in compost from Trans Jordan Landfill.  However, the compost itself that has been sifted and ready for sale shouldn’t be smelly.  I believe this is the last year the will be using that sludge as part of their composting process – in the future they will use similar composting methods as they do at Salt Lake Valley Landfill which is similar to home composting, except they use high volume sprinkler heads and front loaders and back hoes to turn their compost piles.

General recommendations were for those compost with sewage sludge (if it stinks, it’s not fully composted), it’s fine for ornamental beds but generally not recommended for vegetable gardens.  That won’t be an issue the next year.

Salt Lake Valley Landfill compost is great, for any use.  Biggest issue is buying it before they run out.

Link to website is and rates are $30 for pick up load.


Salt Lake Valley Landfill
(801) 974-6920
6030 West 1300 South

Trans Jordan Landfill
(801) 569-8994
10832 South 7200 West