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Daily Garden Blog is VERY ACTIVE through the fall and winter months!
11/7/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Daily Garden Blog is VERY ACTIVE through the fall and winter months!

Check the garden blog on a daily basis, to hear all the latest news.  We continue to be a year round Garden Group for those who are interested in helping us during the fall and winter months. 

Since I know there are a lot fewer people interested during these months, you won't be getting as many emails from me, but I continue to post valuable information almost daily on this blog.

What to expect from this blog during the fall and winter months:



(not just mine but I would LOVE to have you email me your favorite garden recipes and I'll be very happy to post them!)  Especially recipes that include pumpkin, green tomatoes, winter squash, apples and other fall crops.  But not only fall crops, send me any of your favorite recipes for tomatoes, pears, peas, and every other crop that we produce here in Utah.



Garden Knowledge -

I am eager to help you develop valuable gardening skills and while we don't spend as much time in the garden, now is the best time to learn why we do what we do.  I will post valuable tidbits of information to help you learn HOW TO grow a successful garden in northern Utah.



Currently food and produce available -

We continue to get food for our garden members right through the winter.  You won't get it however, unless you ask for it.  Just know that I always have plenty of fresh, delicious bagels, and a limited amount of Artisan Breads (those are mostly available only on Mondays).  Currently I still have LOTS of delicious apples, green and red tomatoes.  I'll put food in the cooler for you if you email me to let me know when you are coming.

Work to be done -

We work inside the greenhouse during the winter AND outside in the gardens (depending on the weather)