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Despite the rain/cold temperatures, we need help picking red and green tomatoes in 2 gardens!

Sheryl McGlochlin - Wednesday, October 05, 2011

West Jordan A Garden (2881 W. 7180 So.) and Taylorsville BOTH have a LOT of tomatoes that I am trying to save!!  We got a lot picked but there are still a lot left to pick.  I will take a photo of what the greenhouse NOW looks like with all the green tomatoes and whole tomato plants that are protected from the cold temperatures outside.  If we get these picked and get them into the greenhouse here in Holladay, we will be able to enjoy vine-ripened tomatoes for almost another 2 months.

Please help me save these plants!!  

Let me know if you can go over (with a rain coat) on Thursday and get these plants before they get too cold.

Don't touch the winter squash, pumpkins or grapes yet.  They can take the cold. They are not our priority.

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