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Discover a great Soil Building to add to your garden before the snow falls.

Sheryl McGlochlin - Monday, December 05, 2011
Fall is the time to improve your soil with organic matter!
Accomplish this with compost materials i.e. grass clippings, leaves, and also with COVER CROPS!

More about cover crops. Another name for this is "Green Manure".

Cover crops are grown so you can put large quantities of organic material into the ground to improve soil texture and fertility.

One of the easiest and most effective cover crops to plant in your garden in the fall is "Annual Rye Grass".  It grows in a relatively short time and is so easy to plant. It's a seed that you basically "throw it on and let it grow"!  It will grow fast in the late fall and winter when the garden is idle.  Besides the abundant top growth, it produces incredible quantities of small hair roots which break up the soil, decompose quickly and add humus to the soil.  Just till it into the soil in the spring! 

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