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FREE Dinner Tonight! Wed. June 12, Summer Salads & Planting 70 Watermelons
6/12/2013 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: FREE Dinner Tonight! Wed. June 12, Summer Salads & Planting 70 Watermelons

11131 So. 2865 W., South Jordan, UT

Walk around to the backyard, open the small gate to enter garden area.


We have 70 watermelon plants to plant in this garden which can easily be done in an evening with a little help.  PLUS we have been growing, since February, SO much assorted, freshly picked, straight from our gardens, dark green leafy lettuce, spinach and peas that I would LOVE to give away tonight in exchange for some help.

I'll have an assortment of dressings for you to choose from i.e. Extra Virgin Olive Oil flavors with a variety of Balsamic Vinegar to add to your salad.

If you remember, bring a BIG salad bowl and fork for an extra large salad for you to enjoy!

Build your salad the way you like.

I'll provide some toppings as well.

As another token of my appreciation for helping me plant all of these crops, I'll give you a big bag of fresh garden tossed salad AND a bag of freshly picked peas to take home with you afterward!

This is a chance to eat super freshly picked food while getting better acquainted with our large garden properties.  If you like what you see and decide to join our Garden Group, you'll start receiving this type of treatment on a weekly basis for several months to come!!

Come only if you aren't afraid of fresh garden produce and are willing to help us with an hour or so of easy garden work!

Come and help us feed those who attend!  Any help is greatly appreciated!

No experience or education required or necessary.

Bring garden gloves or I'll have an extra pair.  I don't wear any gloves, so it's your choice.

I'll be working with you.

Just come as a willing able body for 60 - 90 minutes!

RSVP Please so I know how much to bring!