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Friday, Oct. 7: 12 noon - 7 pm: Harvest Distribution, NEW system
10/7/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Friday, Oct. 7: 12 noon - 7 pm: Harvest Distribution, NEW system

Due to a very demanding weekend

with family in from out of town and other pressing obligations in my life AND due to a lot of harvest that still needs to be distributed, I am testing out this new method of harvest today.

Hopefully it will take a lot of pressure off of me and will allow everyone a more flexible schedule to receive food today.  

I am hoping this system works so we can do this more often.


NO harvest available in Taylorsville today. 

Talk to other garden members who live near you, and have someone pick up a share for you or vice versa.



Food available right now: 






and a lot more!


This Harvest distribution will open today, Friday, Oct. 7 starting at 12 noon - 7 pm

Follow these steps: 

RSVP me via text, email or phone message before coming.

Bring your own containers, bags, etc.

Come to my home in Holladay (same Holladay Distribution location as always).

Enter the backyard, passing the boat on the west side of the home.

Do not knock on my door or ring the doorbell.

Follow the little ORANGE cones to the greenhouse.

Sign the clipboard, located just inside the greenhouse, to let me know who has been in the greenhouse. 

Select your own produce from the boxes of harvest.

Take only what you need.  Take about a basket full (approx. the same amount we have been preparing for you (or less if you prefer).

Remember, we have several other members who would like some of this harvest.

Take a little of a variety of things - not a bunch of ONE thing.

Walk only on the boards inside the greenhouse since we have lettuce seedlings and tomatoes growing everywhere inside.  We have put boards down inside to show you where to step. 

Be careful not to step on or near the dripline system since the plants are growing there and the dripline is expensive to replace.

Watch your children and make sure they know to only stand on the boards.  If it's too hard for them to do that, have them wait outside the greenhouse while you get your produce.

Do not let children touch the produce.

I am excited to show children how we grow and care for food in the greenhouse but they are required to obey the same rules as everyone else.


If this system works, I am very eager to open the greenhouse harvest on more days, as long as we have harvest for everyone.

Just know we are trying hard to grow a fall garden inside the greenhouse so be extra careful to step on the boards provided.

NOTE:  The trampolines near the greenhouse are off limits to everyone, unless you are enrolled in one of my trampoline aerobic classes.