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2014 Garden Group Introduction
1/31/2014 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: 2014 Garden Group Introduction

Our Mission

To help our members...

  • learn how to grow food
  • enjoy working in our gardens
  • receive an abundance of delicious, home grown produce

Weekly garden events include: 

  • Work
  • Tours
  • Distribution of food, harvest and/or a healthy, home cooked meal

Work & Tours

We are a hands-on, working community garden group.  If you enjoy being active outdoors, want to develop more self reliant skills, work with others on a variety of garden chores, perfect your skills in growing food AND eating plenty of delicious produce that you helped grow yourself, then you are a perfect fit for our group.  Experience and knowledge in the garden is helpful but not required.  You are invited to check us out first to make sure this is what you are looking for. After attending once or twice, potential members will then be required to officially register.  Take a short tour OR come, work with us for a while. Whether you stay two minutes or two hours, just come.  Working with us for even a little while will give you a better idea of what we are about.  Meet other members who have a desire to be active and healthy.  In our nine gardens located in Holladay, South Jordan and West Jordan, the work is constantly changing but members may contribute in a way that works for them. Some elderly members, for example, have been some of our best workers!  They bring a small garden chair and sit and work in the gardens!  Being in a garden is very therapeutic and working in one is even better!  I hope you’ll join us!

What to bring or wear

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that can get dirty.  Bring a water bottle, a snack if you like and some work gloves.

Harvest & Food

Generally there is always some type of food offered to those who come and work at our Group Work Sessions. Depending on the day or the season, our workers will either receive a meal, some harvest and/or other types of food.  Members who come and work in the gardens receive nearly all of our harvest.  Occasionally food comes from local businesses or farmers and is passed on to our garden members.  Sometimes we trade some of our produce with others growers.  Garden members never know exactly what they’ll receive until they come, however, over the course of the year,  members can expect to receive a lot of food as they attend on a regular basis. Members are encouraged to work approx. 3 - 8 hours per month and more if they like.  Consistency will always earn members the best rewards, even if it’s just coming 2 times/month.  If members don’t come and work, they simply don’t receive food that week.  Everyone’s lives get busy which is why there is a flexible schedule in place.  We understand there are times when members aren’t able to come, so communicate with me and you’ll be fine.  If your only motivation for joining is to receive food or harvest each time, you may be disappointed, so join because you love being outside, participating in garden work and meeting other healthy minded people.  It’s very exciting to watch the growing process, especially if you are part of it during the early planting stage.


I enjoy feeding those who do the work!  I try to show my appreciation to them by making a hearty, healthy meal i.e. delicious soups, etc.  I also teach cooking classes on how to prepare easy, healthy, home cooked meals in just minutes.  Workers get to sample some of my favorite recipes!  Since our garden group has no employees I depend solely on our members to provide all of the labor in all of our gardens, which is another reason I love feeding our workers! 

Registration & Dues 

We are Live and Thrive, a CSA** .  Annual membership dues are $100, for 12 consecutive months. This is per household which includes 1 - 4 people.  I am asked a lot how the food is divided up in a fair way if one person is single while another may have a family of four and yet everyone pays the same amount. Every “membership” is treated as a “single” person so all members get food.  When there is extra food, which is generally the case, those who want more will receive it.  It always works out.  NOTE:  In order to receive food, a person must come and work with us that day or week.   Other CSA’s** have food shares that don’t require members to work.  We require our members to work in order to receive their food.  Registration & payment may be made securely online at my website:, using a credit card or pay by cash or check.  For those who need financial assistance, contact me to work out a payment plan. 

For those who aren’t available to work at a Group Work Session

I realize  everyone is not available to work from 1 - 3 PM on a Saturday Group Work Session, for example.  Contact me to discuss a time that works best.  Those who are the most consistent in their attendance, on a day* and time that works best for them, gain the most rewards.  Regardless of which day you attend, working members receive the same benefits as those coming on our group work dates.    

**Community Supported Agriculture

*Once the garden season is in full swing and all of our gardens are open, garden work may be done 6 days a week, during daylight hours, but are closed on Sundays. Our gardens are owned by private home owners.  They agree to partner with us as long as they have one day a week without strangers on their property.

I hope you'll join us.  I look forward to meeting and working with you soon!