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Garden Harvest Distribution
6/16/2010 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Garden Harvest Distribution

We have Harvest Days often—usually once a week during the main harvest season, and sometimes more often depending on what produce is ripe. You will be notified in advance of when they will be, and RSVP is required. You will receive a share of produce from all of the gardens.

To participate, just RSVP at least an hour in advance to the Garden Supervisor of the Garden you typically work at (or, for no-labor members, the one nearest you). Then, have one member of your household show up at the designated time. (Bring grocery bags when you come; if you forget, we’ll have some you can use.)

<strong>How do we determine how much each household receives?</strong>

We allow everyone who shows up on Harvest Days an opportunity to receive an equal share of the harvest, but we let you determine when you have as much as you want.

The process goes like this: All of the harvest is laid out in a way so everyone can easily see what there is. The Garden Supervisor counts how many households are present and calculates how much each household can take during the first round so there will be enough for multiple rounds. The supervisor then gives each household a chance to step forward and take the allowed portion for that round. When all have received their first portion, the supervisor determines the portion for the next round and gives each household a chance to come up and take that portion. When you have as much as you need or want, you can pass on taking more. No one gets extra until everyone is satisfied with the amount they have received.

<strong>What if some households have put in more work than others?</strong>

Each working membership requires the same amount of work during the year, and members may join at different times of the year. Therefore, the amount you receive at any particular Harvest Day is not determined based on how much work you have done so far. Each household is allowed an equal chance to receive produce.

<strong>What if I can’t come at the time you schedule the harvest?</strong>

We try to schedule harvest days at various times to accommodate people’s varied scheduled. If you can’t come to one, you can either wait until the next one or send someone else from your household to pick up your share.

Note: When picking harvest, they're not picking for just them.  We don't divide it at that time.