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5/25/2010 | Sheryl McGlochlin

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Holladay Gardens
2836 E Casto Lane (5060 So.), Holladay UT  84117

Holladay gardens were our first Community Gardens and now consist of 2 private backyards but only one address is listed. When you work in the Holladay gardens you'll become very familiar with both properties, which are only 5 houses away from each other. We identify the Holladay gardens with two names: “Sheryl’s Garden" and "Susan’s Garden". Members always come to Sheryl's Garden first unless otherwise specified.

Sheryl's Garden
On our 2000 sq. foot garden property, this is where it all began three years ago, as a community garden. This is "Home Base" for our Holladay Gardens, since we have more than one location in Holladay.  Our family of six have called this property "home" for the past 27 years.

Before our family owned this land in 1983, it belonged to my grandparents since 1955.  My grandfather was a fruit farmer and loved growing a wide variety of fruit trees.  Because of his love for farming, our garden soil is still extremely rich in nutrients. This is a similar story for all of our five private, backyard garden locations. We are extremely blessed to have rich soil in EVERY location we garden in. I believe my grandparents would be pleased with me to see what I have done to their land.
Sheryl's Garden is currently called the "Lettuce Plantation" since it includes an abundance of least 8 different kinds of lettuce, arugula, strawberries, flowers, cabbage, spinach, peas, garlic, fava beans, carrots, and beets.

We have worked very hard in this garden since January 27, 2010.

This is not the "kid friendly" garden like our other "kid friendly" gardens we enjoy.  Even though you'll see some fun toys in my backyard i.e. slackline, fire pit, four large trampolines and eleven kayaks, these items are off limits when coming to work in my garden. However, you can join my other groups that I offer.

Gardening and Outdoor Adventure/Recreation are my two passions in life. I am an adventure guide and enjoy taking groups kayaking, hiking, skiing, camping, snowshoeing and cooking dutch oven dinners.  I teach Multi-Sport Exercise Classes in my backyard which involve hula hoops, trampolines and slacklines. Register to receive invites to these activities at:

Sheryl's Garden also features a 500 square foot, vertical garden AND shows off our hydroponic, vertical, strawberry garden patch grown in rain gutters! If that isn't enough, our latest addition is our new, 1200 sq. foot, cold-frame greenhouse which will allow us to grow food year-round!

Susan's Garden
This is our second season in this 5000 sq foot garden. Everything grows abundantly here! We call it the “Pea Plantation” since 1000 ft. of peas are growing vertically on fences. Besides a ton of delicious peas, you'll find squash, giant sunflowers, tomatoes, peppers, apples, grapes, pears, rhubarb, carrots, onions, chives, garlic, strawberries, beets, broccoli, etc.

Taylorsville Garden
1300 W. 6255 So., Taylorsville, UT 84123

Taylorsville was added to our group in 2010 and is our only “irrigation” garden. The 5400 sq. foot garden features fruit trees as well as an abundance of corn, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, pumpkins, squash and a lot more!  It wins the prize in two areas:  1) The most “kid-friendly” garden and 2) our largest garden.  With a spacious fenced-in, grassy field next to the garden, children are able to play while members work.

South Jordan Garden
11131 So. 2865 W., South Jordan, UT  84095

The beautiful Mt. Timpanogos is what you’ll see in the background when you work in our 5000 sq. foot garden in South Jordan.  It not only offers fruit trees but a wide variety of fruit trees and vegetables i.e. strawberries, squash, corn, tomatoes, peppers, basil, cucumbers, etc.  This garden was added to our group in 2010.

Riverton Garden
13250 S 1830 W Riverton, UT 84065

Riverton is the most recent garden to be planted. The 2000 sq ft. garden area offers a variety of fruit trees as well as a wide variety of veggies.  It's also a great place for children to play in the large backyard full of soft green grass and a fenced in area, next to our garden space.

Draper Garden
11662 S. Willow Wood. Dr., Draper, UT 84020

It is 1250 sq. feet.  Access from 700 East to Meadow Wood (11700 S.).  A variety of plants are going in on June 19.  Enter the property on the north side.