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2014 Garden Group: Mission and Weekly Goals
1/30/2014 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: 2014 Garden Group: Mission and Weekly Goals

Our Community Garden Group Mission

  • help people learn how to grow food
  • help people enjoy working in our gardens
  • help people receive plenty of delicious produce grown from our gardens

Weekly goals:

  • Move the work along in our gardens
  • Offer free tours and open houses
  • Serve food, meals, harvest to members


Since this is a “working” community garden group, we are always looking for those who aren’t afraid of working in our gardens. This “hands on experience” is a big reward in and of itself.  If you want to learn how to grow your own food along with eating plenty of the harvest, you will love our group.  If possible, even before you officially register as member, come and work with us even for a few minutes, while you are checking out our group for the first time. Stay longer if you like. This will give you a better idea of what it’s like. Work for the full 2 hours with us or just a few minutes.  It’s up to you. There is no pressure to work if you don’t want to.  There’s always plenty of work to do and everyone may contribute in a way that is comfortable for them. We’ve had elderly members who were great contributors even though they weren’t able to kneel down. Instead, they brought their own little garden chair and were able to sit and work. Just being in a garden is very therapeutic and working in one is even better!  Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that can get dirty.  Bring a water bottle, a snack and some work gloves. 

Tours & Open Houses

We encourage new people to come and get a peak into what we do and how we do it. You are not required to work or participate the first time you attend.  Just come and check it out!  Don’t register until you see if this is a good fit for you. 

Harvest & Food

I never know when we will have food and harvest but we do have it often!  Especially at the beginning of the season we won’t have much harvest since this is our planting season. When harvest arrives, our garden members receive it all.  In addition, sometimes we receive food from local businesses or farmers and pass it on to our garden members.  Sometimes we trade with growers.  Those who work in our gardens never know exactly when they will receive food however, over the course of the year, expect to receive a LOT of food if you attend on a regular basis. (Even 1 hour/week or 3 - 4 hours/month).  If you can help more than that, we’ll love you for it and reward you well!  If your only motivation is to come and receive food or harvest every time, you’ll be disappointed, so come and enjoy the work and the people!  It’s so exciting to see how fast plants grows.  It’s extremely rewarding when you are part of the early planting stage and watch these tiny plants blossom!  


I enjoy feeding garden members!  I try hard to reward those who come and help us do all the work with some type of meal i.e. a delicious hardy soup, etc.  We have no employees so I depend on garden members to help with all of the labor in all the gardens.  I’ll share recipes as well!