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Garden News, March 25 - April 1
3/25/2012 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Garden News, March 25 - April 1

Get acquainted with our Garden Coordinators

Holladay A & B Gardens:  Sheryl

3300 So. Highland Dr: Betsy

South Jordan A, B & C:  Geralee but we will have 2 more coordinators for the A & B Gardens within a week.

Riverton:  Gill

West Jordan:  John & Geness

WVC Garden:  Alan & Diane


Things we need you to save or do in the gardens:

  • Take photos of people working in the garden and send them to me.  I can live vicariously through you!
  • Empty Gallon Milk/Juice Containers – Plastic & Cardboard
  • Empty Half Gallon Milk/Juice Containers – Plastic & Cardboard
  • Lots of Newspaper: must be non-colored i.e. No colored food ads or shiny paper 
  • More seeds i.e. spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, other cold season crops, and other varieties of lettuce
  • Newspaper containers made
  • Shallow boxes (to keep the newspaper containers in)
  • 200  5" x 7" paper envelopes or anywhere around that size to put seeds in
  • Log Book, pen, gallon ziplock bag & protective box – We need these items for every garden


What food is available this week



Work to do in the gardens for the upcoming week - if you are able to help anytime, contact me

(email preferred or call and leave a message)

Riverton – send me photos of this garden until I can get out to look at it, so I can see where we are

South Jordan A – Stake it, add furrows, plant one long row of lettuce soon (near the corner of 11400 So. 2865 W.)

South Jordan B – Needs the MOST work – lots of work for kids and adults (11131 So. 2865 W.)

3300 So.  Dave Novack will till next Sat., March 31, 

3300 So. – Fill and transport all buckets of compost from Holl. B Garden to 3300 So. and spread out

Holl A:  Go to the dump to purchase a trailer full of mulch, distribute it in front yard garden, get rid of long rain gutters, plant the rest of the greenhouse, water seedlings, plant more seedlings

Holladay B:  Clean out Strawberry patch to allow new growth, fill buckets of compost

Holl A:  Plant little seedlings and lots of them, make more containers to get ready for planting

NOTE:  I won't be around from Thursday night - Sunday night - so Holladay Garden work needs to be done before then.



  Notify me OR the garden coordinator before working in any garden

They will send me a weekly list of those who worked and for how long, so keep track of your time and tell your coordinator.



A VERY big thank you to Don last week

for tilling a large section of the Redwood South Jordan Garden.

Also, a BIG thanks to Dave  Novack for tilling our 3300 So. Garden last Sat.  He will do that again next week.