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Garden Update, Friday, May 27
5/27/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Garden Update, Friday, May 27

We are spending much of the day on as many gardens as we can get to.  There is MUCH to be done while we hopefully have 2 days of NO rain!

We'll start in Holladay A Garden and work our way through all the East Side Gardens, then head over to Taylorsville,  West Jordan Gardens, South Jordan and Riverton in that order today.

We have 2 new gardens in the West Valley City area that I'll run over and take a look at as well

Some gardens only need a little work today.

Some gardens have work that are not critical to be completed this weekend but can be worked on throughout the next 5 - 7 days.

Some gardens have a lot of work.

Our priority is getting a lot of crops planted this weekend but FIRST, we want to make sure all of our crops are adequately fertilized with the essential nutrients to guarantee strong healthy crops.

NOTE:  In our Garden Book, read the Plant Food section, page 11, about the 16 elements that are essential to creating a healthy plant


NOTE:  When I see you today or tomorrow, I'll give you a handout with all of the garden locations AND your green Garden ID Card.