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Garden Update, June 2
6/3/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Garden Update, June 2

3300 So. C Garden

Members came over and got a lot more dirt turned, in preparation of tilling this garden soon.  If you haven't been to this garden yet, you should come!  It's very beautiful with lots of green foliage everywhere.  It's one of our largest gardens on the East side of the Salt Lake valley.

Skilled chain saw workers needed in this garden as well.  There are a bunch of branches down that need to be cut up and moved out of the way.  The homeowner will be getting a large garbage bin so we can remove smaller stuff.  Larger pieces will make great firewood.


Taylorsville Garden

Last night we got black plastic mulch on all of the plants - 33 pepper plants and 53 tomato plants.  We are growing a wide variety of both crops! 

We also cut strips of black plastic for all 24 rows.  As of June 2, five rows are planted.  Each row is 66 ft. long!

Did I mention this is our largest garden?  It feels like we could feed all of Taylorsville from just this garden alone!


Holladay A Garden

Carman is an amazing, patient, detailed woman....

who is working the back end of our entire garden system.  She sits at a table in the early evening, in my backyard, several times a week and plants seeds and/or transplants seedlings into larger containers until they are large enough to go out into one of the gardens.

FYI:  Similar to human babies, seeds and seedlings demand a LOT of a tedious, daily attention.  A BIG thanks to Carman for having the patience to do this kind of work.  I don't have the personality or patience to do this kind of seedling work.   Anyone who wants to sit at a table and watch OR work with Carman as she does this detailed important work, let me know.  Come and even watch her in action and learn how we care for these tiny plants.