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Garden Update, Saturday, May 21
5/21/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Garden Update, Saturday, May 21

Need help in NEW WVC Garden:  3887 W. Segall Circle (2785 So.) - Diana and Alan, homeowners - Brittany's family and who else lives near this area - go look at this garden and see where we need to start pulling weeds before we can till.

Holladay B Garden -  Pull dead branches off the Grape Vines located on the west fence - this garden is our pea plantation.

David and Anne Cox are tilling 3 of our East Side Gardens today - between 2 - 4 pm.  We need some prep work done i.e. spreading leaves, etc. before he gets in to till.  We could really use some back up help also - general clean up and lifting the tiller from one garden to the next.  Come to Holladay A or call me before 2 pm.

Taylorsville Garden - Furrows are all in, area is ready to plant.  We'll start that next week after the rain - hopefully by Wed.


West Jordan A Garden - Carla's, 1)  We need to finish getting the furrows in.   2)  Clean out the ditches so the water can run smoothly through there, 3) We are now going to make both gardens 3 ft. furrows instead of 2 ' wide.  Call me after 12 noon BEFORE working on these furrows, since it may be too muddy to work in AND we need to make sure they are going the right way.  Some of these may need to be done over since we made a mistake putting them in the wrong direction.  Lori knows the right way so contact her also if you want to work on furrows:  Lori's email:  Lori Schneider <>; 


Riverton Garden:  Furrows are being marked and going in today at 1 pm.  Hope it's not too muddy.  This crew may get done fast since there is a good turnout coming.  If so, go over to South Jordan B (Alene's Garden) and get that garden marked and start making furrows.  Call me before starting on that garden so you know which direction to make the furrows.  Those will all be 3 ft. furrows as well.


Need help in West Jordan B Garden - Jonathan took a bunch of white storage buckets over there.  They need to be filled with chicken manure.  Then they will be taken over to West Jordan C Garden (once the weeds have all been pulled which they should be by today) and be drizzled around.  Then we can start tilling that garden next Wed. after it's done raining.


To see what we are talking about creating furrows, go see what we did in Taylorsville Garden this past week.  This is your example.


A lot of people are doing a LOT of work behind the scenes to make these gardens ready for planting next week.  Thank you ALL so much for your efforts!  I'll get around and check on all of the gardens soon and give you another progress report.  I'll be home from hiking by 12 noon so call if you have any questions about any of this.  801-278-5313.

I'll be working with the East Side Crew all afternoon today.