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Garden Update, Thursday, May 26
5/27/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Garden Update, Thursday, May 26

I had a lot of other obligations this day so it was a light day.  A big thanks, as always to those who came and helped!


Gathered another 100 photos for our 2nd Garden Video - that will be made by Sharise and posted on Youtube and my website.


Holladay A Garden:  Picked up Sod and laid it down in the backyard, in the bare areas.  This is the part of the backyard that was torn up last fall when we put in our micro irrigation system in the greenhouse.


Prepared 60 feet of furrows near the south fence - in preparation of planting cucumbers and pole beans - this section is 300 sq. ft. of vertical garden.


Cleared more weeds and debris from my neighbor to the south of me.  In order to grow anything in this 300 sq ft vertical fence area, BOTH sides of the fence have to be weed free, so they don't crowd out our crops (garlic, peas, beans, cucumbers).


We'll be planting squash in this area as well and lay down black plastic mulch to eliminate weeds altogether.


Found boards and created a 60 foot "boardwalk" down the center of our greenhouse to help eliminate all the fine dust in our isles.


Planted more lettuce in the greenhouse.


NOTE: Holladay A & B Gardens are mostly Spring and Fall Gardens - We work in these 2 gardens from Jan 8 - Nov 30.


They grow the bulk of these crops: Spinach, kale, 10 kinds of lettuce, spring mix, cabbage, broccoli, beets, peas, onions, garlic, radishes, Swiss Chard, carrots, and potatoes