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Garden Work and Harvest, Saturday, June 11
6/10/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Garden Work and Harvest, Saturday, June 11

12 noon - 3 pm, Holladay area

12 noon:  I'll be home from my hike by then.  Come to Holladay A Garden, my home.  Those who are available to help will also get harvest.  We have a lot more to plant in the East side gardens.   Thanks to a lot of great people, we are accomplishing a lot every day in these gardens.

Look in or near the greenhouse.  If you don't see me around back, call me on my cell since I'll be near by.  801-278-5313

Thank you SO much for all your efforts! 


If you want some harvest, RSVP, then come during that time.


9 am, Taylorsville Garden: 

RSVP if you are able to help Curly and Brenna with the irrigation work.   6255 So. 1300 W. Taylorsville.  It would help a lot and you'll learn how to irrigate.