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Garden Work, Harvest, July 9 - 15
7/9/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Garden Work, Harvest, July 9 - 15

I'm back in town from Tucson and there is plenty of work waiting for us!

Come, help us and I'll make sure you are rewarded with plenty of delicious harvest and food!


How to find EVERY garden address:

Click on...

On RIGHT side of screen: Click on "LOGIN" inside the WORKING GARDEN MEMBERS area


Work to be done:

Let me know which garden you'd like to work in and when you can help

Don't do any of this work until you let me know (via text, email or phone message) so I can oversee everyone's efforts and make sure we are working efficiently.

SATURDAY, JULY 9, 12 noon - 2 pm

Work with me on both Holladay AND 33rd South C Gardens

Holladay A Garden:

Pick Mulberries

Clean/straighten the greenhouse

Pick all crops in greenhouse (spinach, lettuces, etc.)

Help w/ some weeding

Lay bricks around a garden border

Holladay B Garden:

 Plant lots of crops now that the plots are cleaned up


33rd C Garden

Mark this garden w/ pink neon ribbon in preparation of making straight furrows

Using the pointed hoe, make small furrows where the ribbon is

We also need help on Tuesday and Friday at 1 pm w/ irrigation on this property.  It's easy work but necessary to monitor this while the water is on.


West Valley City B Garden

Help weed and plant new crops

Those who help us weed and clean up this garden along with replanting will always be rewarded with produce from this garden

Merrill and Christy (home owners really need the help)

West Jordan A Garden:
Weed in back plot where corn is
Help us replant corn in rows where corn has not grown
Weed in front plot in watering ditches
Take pruning shears and cut tree limbs that overhang on front garden
Weed area of flowers ( bordered by pink neon) for our home owner

Taylorsville Garden:

Weed in Curly's garden (just west of our garden).  Curly irrigates for us and in return we help him weed his garden.

NOTE:  This is our largest garden and we need your help staying on top of this property.

Weed big plot in water ditches and in area at East end not covered by black plastic   NOTE:  there are a bunch of volunteer tomato plants  just outside of east end of garden that we want to keep.
Finish picking any and all peas.
Pull pea plants 
Weed area where pea plants are
Curly will till the pea area so we can get another summer crop planted.
We are planting bush beans in the pea area.  Lori has the seeds for this area.
Monitor tomatoes and peppers for ripe veggies - let me know so we can distribute to everyone
Determine if there are areas in cucumber and melon plants that have died and need to have a new plant.  Report back to me on this.

Plant more crops in rows at east end.  We need to decide how many rows and what will go in there.


South Jordan A Garden:   (If you can work in either South Jordan Garden, let me know and I'll make sure Cindy knows so she can coordinate with you on times.)

Cindy needs a lot of help planting new crops i.e. cucumbers where the peas were and other new crops will go in where the mustard greens were.

Weed garden -- all rows

Harvest remaining collard greens
Plant crops ( carrots , beets, radishes ) in area where mustard greens and spinach were

So. Jordan B Garden:

Weed along south and east ends of garden AND weed under apple trees
Put black plastic along south and east ends of garden to keep weeds out
Replant some corn in rows
Plant more summer squash in last 3 rows on north end


Food & Harvest includes:

Bring your own containers & bags if you would.

Artisan Breads

Sweets i.e. brownies, etc. from Haggerman's Bakery

BBQ Chicken - Quart size bags for your family

Fresh Salad Greens (spinach, lettuces, giant cabbage leaves, etc.)




and more ....