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Garden Work Priorities - December and January
12/20/2012 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Garden Work Priorities - December and January

This photo was taken during the spring last year.  This is similar to what it WILL look like in a few more months!  Currently the sides and doors of the greenhouse are completely closed to protect the young plants.  Once it starts to warm up in the spring, we open the sides and doors to regulate the temperatures inside. If you love fresh tossed salad from the garden, you'll LOVE what's growing in the greenhouse right now!  


If you aren't super busy during the Christmas season and want to get outside and work in our gardens, we'd love your help! 

Currently the entire 1200 sq ft greenhouse is planted with kale, lettuce, swiss chard, carrots, and other tossed salad makings. Just outside the greenhouse is a 60 foot row of garlic.  Not ready to eat quite yet, as of Dec. 20, 2012, but it will be during the next few months.  When you come, I'll give you a tour of this area if you haven't already seen it. 

Most urgent help needed right now:  Our "pea plantation" area still needs more preparation between now and mid Feb, so once I show you what needs to be done, you are invited to come and work in this area any time you like. 

Every year, somewhere between Feb. 15 - 22 ideally, we pick the warmest winter day and plant 1000 ft. of peas up against our already prepared fences.  It's generally muddy so you need some boots in order to help us plant. We then harvest and eat a LOT of super delicious peas around the first week of May!  So help us continue to prepare the fences and ground for pea planting!  (Preparing the fences means cleaning off dead vines from previous plants that were growing on the fences).  We need a CLEAN ground and fence surface to work with in February.

The first time you come, I'll give you a short tour of the greenhouse AND the pea plantation area that you'll be working in. You can then stay and work as long as you like or come back on any other day and work on your own.  Group work sessions are posted on the calendar but once you know what needs to be done, the schedule becomes very flexible.