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Garden News: March 28
3/28/2012 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Garden News: March 28

Take pictures of the gardens every time you come and send them to me!

Since I can't clone myself and be everywhere to see what is happening all the time, PLEASE do a big kind deed and take photos of what you see EACH WEEK and send them to me!!!  Any progress that is made each week OR even what still needs to be done, take photos and send that to me so I can show people what kind of work we are talking about.   If members will let you take pictures of them working in the gardens, do that as well.  They may be part of my next Garden Youtube video that I post on my website.  I LOVE seeing PHOTOS of our gardens, so that is a big but simple thing to do for me.

What will be planted in each garden?

We are making sure pretty much the same crops will be planted in each garden, for the most part. Each garden will have a wide variety of tomatoes, squash, peppers, beans, and ALL of the most popular crops that are in demand. 

The exception...

  • Our early spring gardens:  Holladay has lettuce and peas growing.  These crops will be ready in April  and May.  Those who help with the harvest will be richly rewarded!
  • Also, as of March 27, we planted over 100 lettuce plants in South Jordan A Garden, so everyone won't have to come to Holladay to get salad makings!
  • Our 4 largest gardens located in South Jordan and West Jordan will have a specialty section which includes a lot of melons, corn, pumpkins and other crops that generally take up a lot of space that our smaller gardens can't accommodate as well. 


Everyone who helps with the harvest...

will receive a portion of the crops growing in EACH of the gardens, so don't worry if you are working in a smaller garden.  You will not be left out. You will have access to our larger gardens if you'll help with the harvest when the time comes.

Not only help us with the harvest, but help with all of the work that is going on right now.  We need you!

MAJOR progress but continued work needs to be done in South Jordan and West Jordan Gardens this week!

FREE Firewood - 

ONLY at South Jordan C Garden:  9978 So. Redwood Road

Help us chop up and take away all the rest of this wood so Lorell doesn't have to load it up and take it to the dump next week.


A BIG thank you to Lorell for cutting and pruning a lot of trees this week!


About the Garden Schedule: 

There are set times each week posted on the Garden Calendar, when the coordinator will be available to show you the work we are currently doing.  Once you get acclimated to what needs to be done and know who the coordinator is for each garden, you can work in that garden 6 days a week (sorry, no Sundays) during ANY daylight hours.  The coordinator MUST know who is working BEFORE you go to the garden to work.  You also need to know what to do in the garden (if you are going on your own time) before you start doing anything in the gardens.  The coordinators let me know, almost on a daily basis, what is happening in each garden.

If you can't make it to ANY of the weekly garden schedules for any gardens posted on the calendar, contact me or the garden coordinator directly, to find out what to be working on.  There is a LOT to do right now and we will LOVE your help!

I'll keep posting more times and dates that you can come and work with others.

Garden Coordinators (as of March 28)

Sheryl McGlochlin 801-278-5313 or - If I'm not available, contact Geralee or Lorell

Geralee (801-550-9253) -  Overseeing all of the South Jordan Gardens this week with the help of Sue Shepherd and Lorese

Geness & John - West Jordan Garden -

Lorell - Helping me oversee all of the gardens, especially the West Side, not available on Friday or Saturday.  Contact him Monday - Thursday to find out if he needs help (801-969-7145 OR 801-803-1615)

Betsy - 3300 So. Highland Drive Garden - 385-232-0249 - Not as much happening in this garden this week until Dave Novack tills the garden this Saturday.

Help in Holladay Gardens: Wednesday & Thursday afternoons - 1 - 4 pm, this week only.