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Garden Plan for Saturday, May 28
5/27/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Garden Plan for Saturday, May 28

Meet us at West Jordan A Garden at 12:30 pm

Lori will be there to get you started on digging the furrows in the back garden, and do some weeding.  Bring a hoe and/or shovel if you have one.  We will also be planting corn, cucumbers and egg plants at West Jordan A.

I will be there by 1 pm, bringing a BBQ lunch for those who RSVP in some way - by email or my website by 7 am Sat. morning.

While we are at this garden at 1 pm, plan to receive some harvest distribution.  Make sure you email me to let me know you are coming OR book for the Sat. event, so we know approx. how many are coming. 


We are picking every other day now for most of these crops so if you don't get food today, you can receive food on Monday in Holladay OR Wed. in West Jordan.

Depending on the weather and how many attend, while some are digging the furrows, others will drive over to West Jordan B to fill buckets of chicken manure.

These buckets will then be transported to West Jordan C garden, which is right around the corner.  We'll drizzle the manure over this garden and get it tilled.  A few people need to help us till.  The rest of us will drive over to South Jordan A & B Gardens to get furrows in, plant squash, watermelon, other melon and corn, then head to Riverton Garden and do the same.


It's impressive to see how fast these chores get done when you get a bunch of hard workers.

I'll bring plenty of food to keep everyone happy, including brownies and treats along with harvest!