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Garden Update: Monday, May 30
6/2/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Garden Update: Monday, May 30

Happy Memorial Day!  Monday afternoon we visited 2 of our newest gardens - both in West Valley City.  We are very excited about having these in our collection of properties!  This puts us at 16 garden properties.  I'll include details about these gardens in the "member section" of my website.

WVC A Garden will be a salsa garden

growing cilantro, peppers, tomatoes, basil, etc.

WVC B Garden

is exciting to work in because we'll all learn more about growing these plants (which are currently there) i.e. asparagus, chives, leeks, onions, raspberries, 3 kinds of grape vines, apple tree, cherry tree, plum tree, almond tree, pear tree, and best of all BEES!  Merrill, home owner, is a bee keeper!  I'll be promoting a "Bee Keeping Workshop" in just a few weeks at this garden.