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Garden Work on Saturday, 12:30 pm, Holladay
2/3/2012 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Garden Work on Saturday, 12:30 pm, Holladay

Friday update:  Feb. 3.

Another very productive day in the garden.  We finished getting the greenhouse cleaned up and organized. We are starting to eat spinach and/or another dark green leafy lettuce.  Soon there will be a LOT more!  The entire 1200 sq ft. greenhouse will be like a giant bowl of tossed green salad in about 45 days from now!  We are planting seed like crazy right now.  Hope everyone loves tossed green salad because we grow a lot!!


If you want to help plant lettuce seed, you should come and

work with us at 12:30 pm, Sat. in the Holladay Garden.

  I have some members coming over to do this at this time that you'll be working with.  This is inside the greenhouse.

There is also a lot to do outside the greenhouse.  We need a lot of help putting some of our old leaves into white storage buckets, which will all be transported to some of our larger gardens and tilled in to the soil.  We try to recycle as much as possible and not throw anything away if it is organic.

We also cleared away the leaves from on top of our garlic so it can grow a lot faster.  Garlic LOVES this type of cold weather with all the snow melting down into the soil and bulbs.  Garlic won't grow much once it starts getting hot.