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Harvesting requires a LOT of work right now! We need your help!
8/25/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Harvesting requires a LOT of work right now!  We need your help!

Harvesting all of this food, in many of our gardens, takes a LOT of work and right now the burden is falling on just a few people who are doing this every week, which needs to change or I'll kill someone off!  

I don't want anyone to work so hard that they burn out, especially my main assistants.  We mostly need to lift the burdens of Lori and Cindy, who have been doing a lot of the work in the Taylorsville and South Jordan Gardens. 

Several gardens need help but these 2 gardens RIGHT NOW are the most demanding: South Jordan and Taylorsville.

If you can help anytime, Monday - Saturday, daylight hours, let me know. 


The BEST way to help us during this demanding harvest season is...

Pick a location.

  If possible, at least during the next 30 days,

pick a garden

(so I know who is helping in which garden each week),

pick a day


pick a time

when you will commit to helping us in that garden. 

It can be for just an hour or longer if you are able.

Due to the hot temperatures lately, it can be earlier in the morning OR in the evening before dark.


All harvested food is delivered to me in Holladay OR Lori in West Jordan, so she can bring it to me.

I prepare the harvest shares 3 times a week.  Carmen and Rachel make the deliveries on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings.  If these times don't work, email me and let me know that you want a share of the harvest and I'll work with you.  I FOR SURE want to reward those who are helping with this garden season, so let me know if there is a problem.

It takes a LOT of very dedicated, amazing people to help me run this garden operation smoothly,

so THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping us, especially during the harvest months of August, September and October.


What you will be asked to do during this season....

Do not pick any produce unless you have cleared it with me first.  Helping with the harvest isn't the only work we need your help with.

All of our gardens have to be cleaned up (weed free) and prepared for the next planting season.

We have already started our fall planting and we'll ask for your help in many of our gardens as each garden becomes ready. 

By doing this, you'll enjoy an incredible harvest in January and February!  For example, there is nothing like going outside and picking fresh SPINACH in the cold winter months!