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Help needed during the next 3 weeks in the Holladay B Garden
11/27/2012 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Help needed during the next 3 weeks in the Holladay B Garden

First, a HUGE thank you goes out to 5 garden members last Saturday who came and helped me clean out the greenhouse - completely!!  It's very exciting to see it this clean and already to plant spinach, kale, Swiss Chard, beets and carrots during the next week so we can hopefully enjoy these cold season spring veggies during the months of January - March!

What I really need help with is cleaning up the rest of the Holladay B Garden, just 5 houses up the street from my home.  This is our early spring PEA Garden.  We plant 1000, yes, that's ONE THOUSAND feet of peas in the Holladay B Garden BEFORE February 22, 2013.  All the fences are in place so it's just a matter of getting the soil and ground prepared.  We'll harvest a boat load of peas in early May of next year.

However, before that can take place, the garden needs to be completely cleaned up of old plants and weeds and have a clean surface.

The strawberries remain in the ground, along with the chives, dill and any onions you may find.

If you are able to come and help anytime during the week, for even 30 - 60 minutes, let me know. 801-278-5313 - text, phone message or email me.

Thank you in advance!