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How our gardens work
7/12/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: How our gardens work

There are no paid employees in my organization.  I rely heavily on our members to move this work forward through the 11 months of gardening (Jan. - Nov.) and soon we'll be gardening throughout December, once we have electricity (for light) in the greenhouse.  Currently, we are preparing our fall and winter gardens.

Miraculously, we always have enough members show up and help move this giant garden project forward!  It's very humbling and impressive to watch how this work is accomplished.  I am extremely grateful for your help, whether it's just a little help or a lot. Whether it's an elderly member, a young child, a disabled young father, a woman who has had a knee or hip replacement, etc., EVERYONE makes a valuable contribution!  Every little bit adds up.

Even with a tough economy, we still live in relatively prosperous times and gardening is still a novelty rather than a necessity, however, I know the day will come, sometime in the near future, when growing our own food WILL become a necessity, not just a fun thing to do.  It will matter. I know that NOW is the time to learn these valuable gardening skills so we will be in a position to help a lot of people when it really matters the most. 

If you signed up but haven't worked in the gardens yet, no worries!  Don't give yourself a guilt trip.  We will be MORE than happy to see you no matter how long it's been since we've seen you. 

Every time you come and help, if there is food & harvest available, you won't leave empty handed!

Working members who come and help always receive plenty of food, and you don't have to put in your 25 hours to start receiving food!