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June 18 - 23, Holladay Gardens: Work to do
6/18/2012 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: June 18 - 23, Holladay Gardens: Work to do

Holladay A - Sheryl's home & headquarters


Water all plants NOT part of the greenhouse dripline system

Plant peppers and tomatoes in greenhouse AND in front garden

Cut lettuce

Minimal weeding near Mulberry tree and in greenhouse

Pick Mulberries

Holladay B - up the street from Sheryl's home on Casto


Keep a close watch on all young tomatoes and oregano plants that have been recently planted. Make sure they are getting enough water

Reinforce the fence that tomatoes are growing on

Cut Rhubarb

Pick peas – this may be the last week for picking peas!! 

Plant tomatoes, peppers and pole beans

Pull pea plants that are done producing

Pull the bigger weeds


Holladay C, Grey Rabbit Garden


Check on tomato plants


Holladay D, Mt. Olympus Garden


Finish installing dripline

Lay black plastic in both gardens

Plant peppers in 2nd garden