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June 1: Harvest Available and Distribution
6/1/2012 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: June 1: Harvest Available and Distribution

Currently all members who have helped us anytime in anyway during the 2012 Garden Season so far, are invited to pick up some harvest. 

How the harvest is distributed: 

This will be the pattern for the 2012 season.  If we need to make adjustments, we will.
Each garden has a coordinator.
Generally speaking, you will be receiving harvest out of the garden nearest to you, the one you have been working in for the most part.
There are plenty of exceptions:
Some gardens are "specialty gardens".  Your garden may not be growing the crops grown in other gardens.]
If you have been helping in ANY of our gardens, you are entitled to receive produce from these specialty gardens.

Examples of some of our Specialty Gardens:

Holladay Gardens: these are the only gardens growing peas
South Jordan A and Holladay Gardens grow Lettuce
South Jordan C Garden is growing over 100 watermelons
South Jordan B Garden is growing several cantaloupe 

Every Monday morning at 10 am in Holladay, the coordinators meet.
This week, peas and lettuce are available from Holladay. 
If you want these 2 items, contact your coordinator OR make arrangements to pick up produce from me, Sheryl, in Holladay.
Your coordinator, if you contact them before Sunday night, will bring you produce.  You can then make arrangements to pick up the food from them.  Make sure they are attending the Monday Meeting first.  They will not bring food back to you if you don't contact them a head of time.