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June 1: West Jordan Garden Work to do now - June 9
6/1/2012 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: June 1: West Jordan Garden Work to do now - June 9

Lori, the West Jordan coordinator, will not be able to work in garden on Sat morning, June 2, but please still come (anytime) and do even 30 minutes of the following work.

1. Hand water the watermelon plants on back plot -- use watering can
2. Hand water roma tomato plants in front plot -- use watering can or white bucket and cups
3. Weed front and back plots for small weeds starting to come up -- put all weeds in green waste garbage can
4. Use garden rake ( not leaf rake ) to rake grass starting to grow in back plot row on east end.
5. Pick up all leaves on side of house near garbage cans. Put leaves in black garbage bags -- roll of bags on shelf in shed
6. Fill up green garbage can with weeds pulled and piled next to compost bin. Once garbage can is full, use black garbage bags and I will pick up later to get rid of.  Put filled bags in shed
7. Weed in onion patch
8. Weed in front raspberry patch
9. Prune dead branches from rose bush on west fence, just before lawn starts -- Need gloves. Pruner is in shed on shelf.
10. Weed in front of grapes vines in back plot
11. Replant Anaheim pepper in one row. Use garden soil in bag on floor of shed to put in hole and then hand water each plant

Write in the LOG BOOK (spiral notebook) located in the shed as to what was completed in the garden OR send Lori an email or text with update.

It's OK to call her with questions when you are in the garden. She will check her phone.

West Jordan Coordinator: 
Lori Schneider 
cell phone: 801-739-4640