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June 20, Garden update....
6/20/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: June 20, Garden update....

What can I say.  Everyone who came today worked very hard!  I don't log my hours in this garden group because I'm afraid to see how many hours would show up.  It was an 11 hour day today for me.  Started at 8 am and finished at 7 pm.

1st:  We had a GREAT crew of 3 - we worked hard planting a LOT more tomatoes at West Jordan A Garden.  We still need 61 more tomatoes planted there.  I have 61 tomatoes at my home, ready to be planted there, so that's one job we need to finish real soon.


2nd:  Jeff helped us get a missing part for the irrigation system when we arrived at his home, the West Jordan C garden.  We finished installing the drip line together and planted 10 watermelons.  


3rd:  At the South Jordan A garden, we planted 3 long rows of summer squash and 3 long rows of bush beans.  A few more people came to help us, namely Cindy's family, and helped us harvest peas and salad greens.


4th:  We thought we were done and said goodbye to Cindy and her family but then Lori and I didn't want to take the rest of the watermelon plants back home so we drove down to South Jordan B Garden and got all the rest planted next to the corn.


5)  Lori went home, then Elliot called and said he could come and work for a few hours in the afternoon.  I went to the dump and picked up a truckload of rich mulch/compost and Carolyn came over and helped me start to put this in our front garden. Dave, my husband, came out and helped later on.


While we worked hard on the West side this morning, we had a crew of hard workers on my property working.


Thank you SO much for all your help!!!!!!