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March 24, Sat morning help needed - Holladay & 3300 So. Highland Gardens
3/24/2012 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: March 24, Sat morning help needed - Holladay & 3300 So. Highland Gardens

Sat. only between 9 am - 12 noon

Call me before you go to Holladay Gardens so I can give you specific addresses for both 3300 So. and Holladay Gardens if you don't have that info.  I want to make sure we don't send people to these gardens if the work gets done early, so check in with me first. I'll have my phone on me.  My cell:   801-278-5313

Bring work gloves and a rake if you have one.

Thanks to Courtney and Jessica who did a bunch of this work last Thursday.
We still have plenty more to do, however.
We have taken a bunch more empty buckets up to the upper Holladay Garden.

2 Jobs:  You can help with one or both

1) Location: Upper Holladay Garden (Pea Plantation Garden)
Under the apple tree and where all the empty storage buckets are, fill buckets with compost (smaller, half decomposed leaves, etc.).

2)  Take the filled white storage buckets that you see on the Holladay garden property over to 3300 So. Garden before 12 noon (so the 3300 So. crew can distribute and maybe till them into the garden.)  We will get a tiller over to 3300 So. soon if one isn't there today.

We are doing this because we need to clean up the Holladay Garden AND 3300 So. Garden can use all of this rich compost due to it's heavy clay soil content.

I will not be available to help with either garden since I will be showing everyone around 3 So. Jordan gardens.

If you are new to our gardens, before coming take a minute to learn more about what we do by touring our gardens online. Click here to watch a new, short 2012 Orientation Video of our Gardens.

RSVP if you plan to work.