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May 8 - 12: South Jordan C Garden Work to be done

Sheryl McGlochlin - Tuesday, May 08, 2012

To do list: South Jordan C Garden

If you can help, Geralee will be thrilled!  Let her know.

Clear "fox tail" weeds away from all fence lines and perimeter of garden.

Put the weeds by the compost bins in corner.


Dig out wood fence posts in middle of garden and also the metal pole.

Place these items by back garden gate, so they can be hauled away.


Cut off dead wood from grape vines. 

To find out if it is dead, take a pocket knife to scrape some of the bark.

If it's green inside, it is not dead. Leave it alone.

If it's brown, it is dead.  


Plant long grape vines  in ground every 5 feet, to promote new grape vine plants.  

Lay the vines down in 6" troughs, then cover with dirt a few inches deep.

The results:  A lot more grape vines growing in our garden. 

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