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May 9 - 12: South Jordan B Garden Work to do - Help us Rake!
5/9/2012 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: May 9 - 12:  South Jordan B Garden Work to do - Help us Rake!

Lots of raking to do right now in this garden.  You may come over ANYTIME and help us do this.

This raking is necessary to level out the plow lines.

It also helps us loosen the soil so we can remove rocks, plastic, glass chips, metal pieces, etc. 

The remaining 3/4 of the garden still needs to be raked this week before we can plant. 

Sue, our South Jordan B Coordinator, will try and be there during the evenings.  Contact her as I know she would love ANY amount of help you could give her.  Stay for just a little while or as long as you are able.  

Sue is also looking for a few assistants to help her with this large garden.  Talk to her if you would be willing to help.  

Bring a rake if possible OR use the garden rakes provided.

Start raking at the WHITE PVC WATER PIPE and head east, leaving the debris at the far east end of the garden.  

The edges and corners of the garden need help as well.

After the raking is completed, we will be able to lay the black plastic mulch down and start planting!